10.17.06 - Bruno Campos will guest-star on this season's ninth episode of CBS's Cold Case, playing a dead man who serves a key role (via flashbacks) in solving a mystery.

  Christina Applegate and Chloe Sevigny
Christina Applegate and Chloe Sevigny
by Jamie McCarthy/
8.3.06 - TV Guide Caught in the Act: What's Old Navy? We don't know what Christina Applegate and Chloe Sevigny had to do with Old Navy and VH1's Best Week Ever 100th Anniversary party. But we do know that Chloe was attacked by a band of watercolor painters on her way to the club. -->

7.12.06 - Applegate Marches With 'Penguins' - 'Full House' and 'Married With Children' stars engage in penguin love Over a decade ago, she was Kelly Bundy and he was Danny Tanner. Now they're both just penguins. Christina Applegate has signed on to voice the lead bird opposite Bob Saget in the "March of the Penguins" spoof "Farce of the Penguins." More...

5.24.06 - and report that Bruno Campos's role in FOX's The Wedding Album will likely be re-cast.

3.17.06 - Bruno Campos has left his last show and is now taking a lead role in the FOX drama The Wedding Album. Also in The Wedding Album is America's Next Top Model diva Eva Pigford.

3.2.06 - Bruno Campos has been cast in a new NBC comedy about brothers on opposite sides of the law.

12.6.05 - E!Online: Christina Applegate Going Solo Looks like Christina Applegate will soon be divorced...without children. The actress' husband, Johnathon Schaech, got the ball rolling by filing for divorce Monday in Los Angeles Superior Court, citing irreconcilable differences. More...

6.7.05 - Bruno Campos is joining the cast of Nip/Tuck as Dr. Quentin Costa, the plastic surgeon who fixed Doc McNamara's slashed face last season.

9.3.04 - Real-life husband-and-wife duo Christina Applegate and Johnathon Schaech have signed on to star in "Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas," CBS's upcoming movie adaptation of James Patterson's best-selling novel.

8.13.03 - E!Online Fashion Police: Christina Applegate, Gwen Stefani and Brandy don dynamite Christian Dior duds at the Dior Dance for Life Benefit for the Aaliyah Memorial Fund. Applegate looks grrrrreat in a turquoise, red and white tiger-print silk sundress. Stefani's smokin' in a colorful rasta-punk graffiti-print silk halter smock. And Brandy's as red hot as her tee in black parachute pants and crimson boots, carrying a fan to beat the heat. Charlize Theron's on hand to break up the designer billboard in a BCBG blue 'n' white striped sundress with a white cami and flats. No matter, these babes make our mercury rise.

1.13.03 - Fox will air a one-hour Married... With Children reunion special on Feb. 16, the same night the network broadcasts the 300th episode of The Simpsons. The entire Bundy clan -- including Ed O'Neill, Katey Sagal, Christina Applegate and David Faustino -- taped the retrospective over the weekend.

10.23.01 - Christina Applegate married her actor-boyfriend Johnathon Schaech (Time of Your Life) on Saturday in Palm Springs, California.

10.8.01 - Former Jesse co-star Kevin Rahm has joined Judging Amy as a regular, according to The Hollywood Reporter. He will play Kyle McCarty, a young doctor with a history of drug addiction. His character is set to fill the void left by the departing Dan Futterman, who plays Amy's younger brother Vincent. Futterman will leave the series after the sixth episode this season due to personal reasons. Rahm's first episode is set to air November 20th.

4.7.01 - Applegate Reflects on Bad Hair - Kelly Bundy's big blonde hair and small miniskirts called up a variety of terms...

4.6.01 - TV Guide Online: Kelly Bundy Gets a Makeover - It's Christina Applegate like you've never seen her before...

3.18.01 - Don't miss Liza Snyder's recipe for Cajun Catfish on page 60 of the March 17th issue of TV Guide.

10.30.00 - Christina Applegate will appear opposite Cameron Diaz in the comedy "The Sweetest Thing."

10.4.00 - Don't miss Liza Snyder on the new CBS sitcom, "Yes, Dear."

9.18.00 - Christina Applegate has signed to star in TNT's "Prince Charming."

5.17.00 - Jesse's Girl - An interview with Christina Applegate

5.16.00 - TV Guide Online: Christina Applegate's Engaging News - Christina Applegate is engaged to Johnathan Schaech

5.15.00 - "Jesse" has been officially cancelled by NBC.

5.12.00 - Variety predicts that NBC will be cancelling "Jesse." NBC will give the official word on Monday, May 15th.