Quotes from The Dump

Diego: "I haven't seen the sun in the thirty-eight days. I can't take it."

Diego: "I like the sun."
Jesse: "I know."

Linda; "Man, that guy even paints like he's got a nice ass."

Danny: "You need to get yourself out and have a good time, mix it up with the peeps."
Diego: "Peeps? Like little marshmallow chickens?"

Danny: "Kurt, you want to party with us tonight?"
Kurt: "Party is not a verb."
Danny: "Dinner? On me?"
Kurt: "Let's party."

Carrie: "So, I thought Buck was coming."
Linda: "Yeah, that's over."
Carrie: "What happened?"
Linda: "I asked him out and he said no. I broke up with him."

Stranger: "Hey, enough with the jazz, play some show tunes."
Kurt: "Broadway's only three-hundred miles away. If you leave now... well, why don't you just leave now."

John: "Whoa, cool! What happened? Did some dude get like all up in your face?"
Diego: "No, I got punched out in a piano bar."
John: "Well, was he hitting on mom?"
Diego: "No, he didn't like the way I sang 'Hello, Dolly.'"
John: "I'm going to tell Gabe you got in a fight in a biker bar, okay?"
Diego: "I beg you, please, tell him that."

Diego: "The good news is, when I woke up this morning and I was standing by the window and the sun still wasn't there, I could only cry from one eye."

Jesse: "Who's the best girlfriend in the world?"
Diego: "You are."

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