Season 2, Episode 8: L'eggo My Diego

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Rating: 11.1/18

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Written by Liz Astrof & Leslie Snyder, Directed by Alan Rafkin

Guest starring Jacqueline Obradors as Irma


"They might have been childhood sweethearts, and everything, but Diego and I, we've got that hot, nasty, adult kind of love." -Jesse

"I was just very nervous to meet you." -Irma
"Nervous of me? There's no reason to be nervous of me. Is there, Diego?" -Jesse
"I hope not." -Diego

"Cut the pie, Bobo." -Jesse to Diego

"Irma, taste this pie. Put the pie in your mouth." -Diego

"Guys are like onions. The more you peel away, the more they make you cry. The deeper you cut, the more they stink." -Jesse

"I want to share with you the fine cuisine of Buffalo. Do you like wings?" -Diego to Irma

"I mean, you're the worst dancer I've ever seen, and I followed the Grateful Dead for a year." -Kurt to Jesse

"Wow, Kurt, it's true. Guilty feet ain't got no rhythm." -Jesse

"Stop working so hard, dude, I like you too." -Carrie to Danny

"Secrets are a bitch, aren't they?" -Jesse to Diego

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