Season 2, Episode 7: A Woman's Prerogative: The Jesse Warner Story

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Rating: 10.2/16

In memory of William "Skip" Norton


Written by Peter Murrieta & Gabrielle Allan, Directed by Shelley Jensen

Guest starring Jacqueline Obradors as Irma, Vince Vieluf as Patrick


"You watch, buddy, I'm gonna make that happen. I just gotta figure out my first move." -Danny
"Well, why don't you dangle something shiny in front of her, and while she's swatting at it you could ask her out." -Kurt about Carrie

"Jack didn't ditch me on purpose, okay, he had a few beers, and the girl he left with looked a lot like me." -Linda

"You are better than this, and you can believe me, because I am not your biggest fan." -Diego to Linda

"What if the whole time we were goofing off in high school we were actually missing out on something valuable?" -Carrie
"You mean like an education?" -Jesse
"You've thought about this too." -Carrie

"Why were you running from Vincent?" -Jesse
"He was chasing me with a stick that had some stuff on it." -John
"What kind of stuff?" -Jesse
"Dog stuff." -John
"I can see why you would run from such a stick." -Diego

"Wow, you are here so often we're going to have to stop calling this the waiting area and start calling it the Carrie area." -Danny
"I'm sorry?" -Carrie
"Yeah, so am I." -Danny

"Oh, God, are you gonna back out again? I'm gonna kill myself." -Carrie to Jesse
"Please, not here, too much paperwork." -Kurt

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