Season 2, Episode 4: Everything but the Grill

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Written by David Hemingson, Directed by Andrew Tsao

Guest starring Fred Stoller as Fred, Michael Welch as Gabe

Co-starring Natasha Slayton as Tori


"Having a suicidal Chilean at your barbecue is not as much fun as it sounds." -Linda

"I thought nurses were girls." -Gabe
"You also thought the largest aquatic bird was a pelican." -Kurt

"Well this is better. Huh? Isn't this better?" -Jesse
"I read about a guy that fell into a wood chipper. It's better than that." -Linda

"Am I happy that you said no to my proposal? Of course not. Do I understand it? Not really. Will I get over it? Eventually. Have I taken to answering my own questions? Apparently." -Diego

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