Season 2, Episode 3: Students Get Flu; Carrie at Zoo; Monkey Throw Poo

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Written by Dan Sterling, Directed by Joe Regalbuto

Guest starring Michael Welch as Gabe

Co-starring Val Lauren as Nick, Andy Brewster as Ben, Regan Burns as the patient, Susan Yeagley as the student, Brande Roderick as Susan


"There's a funny noise coming from Kurt." -Jesse
"Oh, the humming?" -Danny
"Yeah." -Jesse
"Yeah, it's the epidemic. Y'know, more weak helpless people to push around. It makes him happy." -Danny

"Jess, I'm tellin' you this as a friend. John is not as cool as you think." -Linda

"You can't go home. You're the doctor." -Jesse
"You be the doctor, it's really easy." -Danny
"Okay, well then you be the single mom going to school." -Jesse
"Okay, I'll be the doctor." -Danny

"You might want to blow your nose. You've got a bat in the cave." -Carrie to Danny

"Well, I guess he's not a geek." -Linda
"No, it's worse. He's a guy." -Jesse

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