Season 2, Episode 2: Driving Miss Jesse

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"Just let me know if I'm going too fast. 'Cause I know that you don't like to go fast... cars... committment. I know that you like to take it very painfully, very horribly, slow." -Diego

"Kurt, I was gonna look in this kid's ear, but there's no covers for the ear-looking-in-thinger." -Danny

"I look forward to your departure as if it was Christmas." -Diego

"It's got a battery that carries six billion volts!" -Danny
"Really?" -Jesse
"Probably." -Danny

"There is no apartment, okay? There is no nook, and there is no shemale! You are busted!" -Diego

"Did you know elephants get PMS?" -Carrie

"Sweet God in heaven, by legs look like a braille novella." -Kurt

"Yep, I left beautiful sunny California to have my heart ripped out of my body and thrown onto the frozen Buffalo ground!" -Diego

"Did you just scratch my car?" -Danny
"I did." -Jesse
"Is it bad?" -Danny
"I'll take the bus." -Jesse
"That'll be good." -Danny


Written by Danny Zuker, Directed by Kevin S. Bright

Co-starring Glenn Lutz as the kid.

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