Season 2, Episode 14: Jesse Gives Birth

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Written by Liz Astrof & Leslie Snyder, Directed by Gary Halvorson

Guest starring



Jesse: "Kudos to Kurt's cobbler!"

Danny: "'Last Tango in Paris.'"
Jesse: "Two hours of old naked Brando butt."

Linda: 'What happened to the mother?"
Jesse: "What do you think happened to her? After seven kids, she fell into her own uterus and was never heard from again."

Jesse: "I can't believe there's a human being coming out of me!"

Jesee: "I'm seventeen and I'm having a baby! I'm a freakin' after-school special."

Kurt: "Here's a movie tip. If the Nazis are enjoying themselves, the film probably isn't over."

Jesse: "I guess if I had to do it again I'd probably wait like five years... or ten. A husband would be nice. But he's here, and he's mine, and I am loving him so hard. Corny much?"

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