Season 2, Episode 12: Small Time Felon: The Jesse Warner Story, Part II

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Rating: 12.6


Written by Peter Murrieta & Gabrielle Allan, Directed by Shelley Jensen

Guest starring Tom Lennon as Ernie, John Mendoza as the fish man


"Find anything in there you like?" -Linda
"Yes, the absence of you." -Diego

"Jes, someone stole your car." -Linda
"I can't believe it. Someone stole me sweet little... fully insured piece of crap. Someone stole my car! It's finally gone! I love you guys!" -Jesse

"Are we poor?" -John
"No, no, we're very rich, honey, in friends and family." -Jesse
"Poor." -John

"I'm gonna get a car that's younger than me." -Jesse

"Dude, if you are sniffin' around for a three-way I will spleen kick you." -Linda to Danny

"It has a side-impact protection system and a built-in roll cage. The more I read, the more I hope we hit something." -Diego

"This car suits you. You look like a very sexy soccer mom." -Diego to Jesse

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