Season 2, Episode 11: Kurt Slips, Niagara Falls

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Rating: 12.4


Written by Mark Wilding, Directed by Dana deVally Piazza

Guest starring Jacqueline Obradors as Irma, Merrin Dungey as Rosemary, Dan Gautheir as Dr. Jeff Hanson


"This is why I never have sex in a graveyeard." -Jesse

"Did you not see his face?" -Linda
"Yeah, I saw it. But, that could have been anything. He could have been sleepy, you know, or holding in a burp. If Diego wants me so bad, what is Irma still doing in Buffalo?" -Jesse
"I know. She came for the Diego, but she's staying for the wings." -Linda

"Cubism. It's so over. I mean, is it the front of her face? Is it the side of her face? Everybody looks like a flounder, right?" -Diego

"You know what else this room has going for it?" -Diego
"What?" -Irma
"It is absolutely free of Lindas." -Diego

"It says here that Niagara Falls spills over nine-million gallons of water per minute. Way to go nature!" -Diego

"Do you know what today is?" -Irma
"Hallowe'en?" -Diego


Jesse is watching a horror movie with Linda and Carrie. As the scary part approaches, she hides behind a pillow, then sorts mail in the kitchen, then fluffs around in the living room, and finally runs upstairs so that she doesn't have to watch. Linda and Carrie keep telling her she's missing the best part, and even when she's upstairs, she insists that she can see it.

Linda and Jesse are pulling down the Christmas lights that Jesse borrowed from Diego. John likes helping by carrying the boxes to Diego's house because every time he brings a box over, Irma gives him a hug, and he's a really good height to particularly appreciate those hugs.

Linda asks Jesse about that moment that Jesse and Diego shared during Jesse's Christmas party. Jesse says she's not sure it was really THEIR moment, maybe it was just HER moment. Then Diego walks by, depressed because he was passed up for a full professorship. Jesse comforts him, and they share a definite moment in the driveway, which even Jesse admits to after he goes inside his house.

Jesse is moving heavy boxes at work as Dr. Danny is whining about the fact that Carrie has gone on a zoo field trip to watch animals mate at the Bronx Zoo. Dr. Danny misses her and was hoping that he and Carrie could do that together. Jesse asks Kurt for some help with the boxes. Kurt says they flipped a coin, and she lost. Jesse reminds him that she never saw the coin, and he did kick it under a desk, so he pitches in and picks up a box. As soon as he does, he freezes and is in obvious pain. Jesse doesn't realize he's in pain, and thinks he's being a big baby. She takes the box from him and knocks him over while putting it away.

Dr. Danny and Jesse are in the hospital with Kurt. Kurt has a slipped disc. Dr. Danny is being very defensive around Kurt's hospital doctor, Dr. Hanson, because he only works in a little university health clinic. Dr. Hanson is cute, and is obviously interested in asking Jesse out. It turns out Kurt's nurse is an old nemesis from nursing school, and she is even more acerbic than Kurt himself. Dr. Hanson finally asks Jesse out, and even though she's flattered, she says no because of an "impending romance" on her horizon.

Jesse arrives home, and Linda ambushes her in the driveway, telling her that Irma is packing to leave. Jesse is excited, thinking this means she might have won Diego back, but when Irma and Diego come outside, it turns out that they were BOTH packing because Irma is taking Diego to Niagara Falls to cheer him up. Jesse is more than a little bitter.

Diego and Irma arrive in the beautiful falls-side room. They are excited to finally be alone together. Irma says she's going to slip into something more interesting, and when she comes out of the bathroom she's wearing her old wedding gown. Diego is freaked, and it only gets worse when she proposes that they get married right away, have their honeymoon in Niagara Falls, and go back to Chile together to start their lives.

Jesse is back in Kurt's hospital room. Kurt is on serious drugs, and is suddenly very relaxed and hitting on his nurse. Jesse finds Kurt's doctor, and says she would, actually, like to have dinner with him. Just then, Diego bursts in and says he needs to talk to Jesse. They pull the curtain around Kurt's bed for some privacy. Diego asks her if she felt cornered when he asked her to marry him. She says yeah, pretty much. Diego tells her that he now understands how she felt, and if she wants they could just have a normal relationship and take things slowly and see where they go. Jesse is absolutely interested. They kiss. She pulls back the curtain to tell Dr. Hanson that she can't have dinner with him after all. She doesn't need to tell him though, 'cause the curtain wasn't that thick and he heard the entire thing. He's magnanimous about it.

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