Season 2, Episode 10: Jesse as Nurse, Fills In: Diego Throws Ice at Children

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Rating: 8.9/16


Written by Dan Sterling, Directed by Shelley Jensen

Guest starring Fred Stoller as Fred, Michael Welch as Gabe
Co-starring Natasha Slayton as Tori


"Stupid stinkin' snow. They should put a sign on the highway: welcome to Buffalo, grab a freakin' shovel." -Diego

"Oh my God, that hat! It looked like a hideous farming accident." -Jesse

"Okay, Jesse, I need some betadine and alcohol swabs and somebody catch me a squirrel so I can take it apart and see how these things work." -Danny

"I am nursing my ass off!" -Jesse

"Animals should be outside, humans should be inside. Humans should have absolutely no contact with uncooked animals. I hope you're happy, you've disturbed the circle of life." -Kurt

"She dragged me into a snowball fight and then she turned all the children against me. It was like Lord of the Flies out here." -Diego

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