Season 2, Episode 1: Jesse's New Job

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"You're a distracted person, my time is precious." -Kurt
"Huh?" -Jesse
"You were late today, that took up my precious time. You're in nursing school. I'm a nurse. You'll ask me questions. Avoiding you will take up my precious time. You have a family life. You'll want to show me pictures. Pretending to be interested will take up my precious time." -Kurt

"You still want to be a nurse?" -Linda
"Yeah, of course. Y'know, it's still hard, and gross stuff happens, but there's enough cool stuff in between all the gross stuff to make it okay, y'know?" -Jesse
"Wow, that's how my mom described sex." -Linda

"I don't work here anymore. Take your pee to the mean man." -Jesse

"I took on too much, all right? It is too hard for me. I'm just in... I'm in over my head, all right? I'm not superwoman, okay? I'm rather-incapable girl." -Jesse

"I was stupid enough to believe that you would appreciate like a big grand guesture and that you would find it romantic and be swept off your feet." -Diego
"Yeah, well maybe next time you do a grand gesture you should call first." -Jesse
"That is not a grand gesture, that is a planned gesture." -Diego


Written by Wil Calhoun, Directed by Gary Halvorson

Co-starring Heidi Fecht as the woman, Adam Borstein as the man, Peter Murrieta as the janitor, Jeffery David Brooks as the student

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