Season 1, Episode 18: Cecil, the Angry Postman


"I got this test at night school and I gotta study for it." -Jesse
"Can't you just copy of someone else?" -Diego
"Diego! You're a teacher." -Jesse
"I don't care. I'm not your teacher." -Diego

"Mom, are you okay? You've got the same look on your face you had when I ate all that Bounce." -Little John

"What is the worst thing that you can say to a guy you just started seeing to scare him off?" -Jesse
"I love you and I want to have kids with you." -Linda

If I could just appeal to you as one human being to another, maybe you could just find it in your heart to help me." -Jesse
"Okay, let's put it this way. If you were drowning in shark-infested waters, I'd be the guy pouring blood in the water to attract more sharks. And then I would make a big sign that said 'Free Food for Sharks.' And then I'd throw in a couple more sharks, y'know, that I just happened to have lying around, so that they would eat whatever the other sharks missed." -Cecil

"My arm. It's stuck." -Jesse
"Well pull it out!" -Linda
"What do you think stuck means?" -Jesse

"I love you too." -Diego


Written by Greg Rice, Directed by Amanda Bearse

Guest starring Scott Thompson as Cecil. Co-starring Kate Asher as mail clerk.