Season 1, Episode 17: Touched by an Angel


"I gotta go!" -Jesse
"No!" -Diego
"Why?" -Jesse
"I dunno. That just left my mouth without permission." -Diego

"I had to guess on the sizes, but velour is pretty forgiving." -Junior

"So, the 'just friends' thing..." -Jesse
"I'm out if you are." -Diego

"I just gotta tell you, I'm a sure thing." -Diego

"Man, those were some big-ass hives." -Diego

"There's probably an island somewhere that accepts my kind." -Jesse

"What if it's bad?" -Jesse
"How is it going to be bad? I'm not going to be bad!" -Diego

"If it's bad, we're gonna make it better, and if that means that we have to sleep together every minute of every day, that is a sacrifice I am willing to make." -Diego


Written by Dana Klein, Directed by Gail Mancuso