Season 1, Episode 10: Boo! He's Gone


"Look. I know how Roy is the father of your child.... Wait, wait... and I know how he's been nothing but nice since he's been back in town. I just think it's my duty to tell you that he's fundamentally... EVIL!" -Diego

"You are so finished, man. When I tell Jesse, she is going to drop you like a bag of bad magic!" -Diego
"What?" -Roy
"It makes more sense in Spanish, but you know what I mean!" -Diego

"Diego's telling the truth. I drove by Roy's apartment, and I saw him with another woman. You should really close your curtains, man." -Junior

"You know what? Those lines worked for me when we were married. You know why? Because I was naive. Because I was scared. It was really hard for me to admit to that. But now? Guess what. I'm not so naive, and I am not scared. I am angry, and I am not going to let you come back here and screw up my life again!" -Jesse


Written by Greg Rice, Directed by Joe Regalbuto.

Guest starring Michael Weatherly as Roy.

Co-starring Susie Park as Laura, Scott Menville as Tommy O'Haver.


Diego wakes up Jesse in the middle of the night to tell her Roy is evil. She ushers him out after making fun of him. Carrie tells Jesse at work that Jesse and Roy are the new hot couple around Buffalo. Diego shows up at Jesse's house with a basket of muffins to say that he's sorry. Darren and Junior tell him that they like him, but that Jesse is with Roy now, and he should just give up already. Diego goes over to Roy's house to tell him that he's going to back down gracefully, but Roy had better treat Jesse well or Diego will come after him. In the middle of their conversation, a half-naked woman walks out of Roy's bedroom. Diego says that he's going to tell Jesse. Roy tells him to go ahead, he'll just sound crazy and jealous. Roy takes Jesse out on a date, and when he leaves her at home, Diego follows him and snaps pictures of him with the other woman. Roy tells Jesse about an old friend of theirs from high school, Tommy, that called him recently. Jesse remembers that Tommy wanted to be a cinematographer. She asks what Tommy ended up doing, and Roy says that he works at the one-hour photo place. Diego is at the one-hour photo place and can't believe that his photos are ruined. Roy takes Jesse out on another date, and after he drops her off at home, Diego walks by. Roy asks Diego how his pictures came out. Diego is so infuriated that he hits Roy in the mouth. Roy slams up against Jesse's door as he falls from the punch, and Jesse comes out and takes him inside to tend to his lip. Junior comes downstairs from his apartment over the garage and may have seen what happened. Jesse is sitting on the couch with Roy, and he kisses her and suggests that maybe he should stay the night with her since Diego is acting so crazy. She is hesistant, but he is on his way to talking her into it when Diego comes bursting in the door. Junior trails after him, and Darren comes downstairs because he was woken up from all the noise. Diego tries to tell Jesse that he busted Roy with another woman, but Jesse says she's no longer listening to any of Diego's insane talk. Junior steps up and speaks for the first time. He says that Diego is telling the truth: he drove by Roy's the other day and saw him with another woman. Jesse turns to Roy, who admits that it's the truth. He tries a barrage of excuses, saying that his heart was always with Jesse, and he was trying to break it off with this other girl... Jesse's having none of it. She tells Roy off, and when he won't leave, she hits him in the same lip where Diego hit him. Roy finally leaves. Jesse apologizes to Diego and then starts to cry. Diego comforts her. Darren asks Junior when he went by Roy's place, and Junior says that he never did.

Linda has been late to work a lot, and Jesse's father tells her that as manager, it is her duty to talk to Linda. Jesse asks her father why she's only manager when there's something bad to be done. Jesse's father reminds her that she wasn't manager when she had to clean up the vomit yesterday. When Linda finally gets in, she is spewing excuses about a huge accident on the highway. When she realizes that Jesse's father isn't around, she tells Jesse the truth which is that she overslept at Tony's. She also doesn't have her uniform because she slept at Tony's and her uniform is at home. Jesse says that Linda has been late a lot, and she's sick of covering for her, and as manager she's telling her to shape up. Linda gets offended, and says that if Jesse is her manager, then they can no longer be friends. The next day, Linda and Jesse get into a huge fight when Linda is snippy and won't talk to Jesse as her friend. The next day, Jesse's father compliments Jesse's managerial skills, because Linda's been very prompt lately. Jesse says that's all well and good, but now Linda's not talking to her. Jesse's father suggests giving Linda the employee of the month award. Jesse says they don't have an employee of the month award. Her father pulls out a dust-covered plaque from the sixties inscribed with the name of James Taylor. Jesse approaches Linda, and Linda is still calling her boss. Then Linda tells Jesse that she's been much better lately... coming in on time and always wearing her "franken-heidi" uniform. Jesse agrees. Linda says that it's Jesse's job, as her boss, to not only tell her when she's screwing up, but also tell her when she's doing well. Jesse grabs the opportunity and presents Linda with the plaque. Linda isn't buying it, but they make up anyway.